About Our Company

OM ESHA AGRO PRODUCTS PVT LTD Company is a leading trader of rice, grains. Our products of are Non Basmati Rice Like Parimal, Mansuri and Sonam . It fits grains for people of all ages and tastes whose ingredients enchances our lives . We know that Non Basmati Rice is found in almost every kitchen, from top-notch restaurants to homes . We are known for the finest grains and quality. Read More..

Our Products

Sonam Steam (Zeera Rice)

Sonam Steam (Zeera Rice) that we offer is one of the finest steam rice of such grade available to the market. Its features such as freshness, high purity, superior quality, untainted appearance, and delectable taste makes the Sonam Rice come out as a beneficial offering...
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Katarni Steam Rice

Rice is an excellent source of energy, especially energy-giving carbohydrates, which are used in the body for brain performance, physical activity, bodily functions and everyday growth and repair. After carbohydrate, protein is the second most abundant...
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Bhagalpur Basmati Katarni Rice

Bhagalpur Basmati Katarni Rice or Patna rice is hygienically cultivated and processed for ensuring superior quality and freshness. Parimal Rice is widely appreciated for long white grains, enticing aroma, great flavor, high nutritional value and low fat...
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